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As one of the largest independent engineering partners to the global automotive industry, we know exactly what is important in developing future-proof automobiles. With this expertise gained from more than 50 years of vehicle development worldwide and 27 years in Brazil, we take on responsibility in the fully integrated understanding of product and production. You also benefit from the high innovative strength to find in our competence centers.

Together, we develop innovative vehicles that set new standards. Find out more about our vehicle engineering skills now. 

Complete vehicle development

From the idea to the finished product.
Comprehensive understanding of automobile development and production helps us to find the right solution for you. Not just once, but always.

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Design concepts

Success begins in the design.
Our design concepts team creates visions for your future vehicles. Surface development is an important interface between design and the downstream development departments. With virtual or physical models, we build your future vehicles with maximum precision.

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Module development

Single-source vehicle engineering & module development.
From pre-development and series development to series support after the SOP of individual parts, modules and the development of complete vehicles - we combine expert knowledge with the latest technology trends. The perfect technical and economic realization for your vehicles are in good hands with us.

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Function development

Vehicle functions for demanding customers.
In the development of vehicle functions, we execute the complete testing of vehicle. These include active and passive safety, vehicle dynamics, operational stability, NVH, aerodynamics and aeroacoustics, as well as thermal management, HVAC and cooling. All with one aim: to improve vehicle functions for you and your customers.

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Proven successfully in practice
A solution is only as good as the results it provides when put into practice. With our all-round spectrum of testing services and in-depth knowledge, we know what really counts. Using virtual or real-life methods, components or complete vehicles, test systems or material testing, we can come up with the right solution, and give you early, conclusive and validated feedback from real-life scenarios.

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Process and product data management

Consistent process orientation for optimal development processes.
Process and product data management, controls, monitors and improves developmental processes with the objective of achieving consistent process orientation. After all, this is something that becomes apparent in product quality. Your process of product evolution provides the foundation for your actions.

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Quality management

Keeping an eye on the entire product life cycle ensures quality.
The perceived quality has a considerable influence on customer satisfaction. Ensuring the high quality requirements, in spite of reduced development times and increasing model multiplicity, is more important to us than ever before. Alongside product quality, we always have the aim of consistently improving ourselves.

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Testing and vehicle construction

Construction and conversion of individual items and low-volume series.
Our factory, “Vehicle Prepare Center” (VPC), stands for construction or conversion of individual vehicles such as models, show cars, physical prototypes and also of small series. Our spectrum ranges from individual concept to high-end special editions. We map your processes and integrate ourselves with them, to achieve maximum customer benefit.

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After sales solutions

Ensuring maximum long-term customer satisfaction.
Continual developments mean that technical products, their operation, service and repair are becoming more and more sophisticated and complex. This is exactly where we come in. In cooperation with our customers, we improve product quality and increase customer satisfaction with customized communication and quality solutions.

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